Alphabet to launch a new Robotics Company- Intrinsic

  • Google-parent Alphabet on Friday said it will launch a new robotics company, Intrinsic which will focus on building software for industrial robots.
  • The segment comes out of X, Alphabet’s Moonshot factory that houses futuristic firms such as Waymo, Wing and Verily.
  • Intrinsic is developing software tools with an aim to make industrial robots easier to use, less costly and more flexible. While the company did not share much detail about the software, it noted that the software is being developed so that more people use them to make new products, businesses and services.
  • “We’re now ready to become an independent Alphabet company, leaving the moonshot factory’s rapid prototyping environment to focus on developing our product and validating our technology,” Wendy Tan White, chief executive officer of Intrinsic said in a blog post.
  • White explained that during the testing period of the software, they trained a robot in two hours to complete a USB connection task that would take hundreds of hours to program. In another test, they arranged multiple robots’ arms to assemble an architectural installation and a simple piece of furniture.
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