Central Bank Names of Different Countries


India- Reserve Bank of India

USA – Federal Reserve

UK – Bank of England

Switzerland- Swiss National Bank

South Africa- South African Reserve Bank

Bangladesh – Central Bank of Bangladesh

Azerbaijan- Central Bank of the Rep. of Azerbaijan

Austria- European Central bank

Australia- Reserve Bank of Australia

Argentina- Central Bank of Argentina

Afghanistan- Bank of Afghanistan

Iran- CentralBank of Islamic Rep. of Iran

Indonesia- Bank Indonesia

Iceland- Central Bank of Iceland

Hungary- Central Bank of Hungary

Guinea- Central Bank of the Rep. of Guinea

Greece- European Central Bank

pakistan- State Bank of Pakistan

Vietnam- State Bank of Vietnam

Uzbekistan- Central Bank of the Rep. of Uzbekistan

UAE Central Bank of United Arab Emirates

Turkey- Central Bank of Republic of Turkey

Thailand- Bank of Thailand

Tajikistan- National Bank of Tajikistan

Taiwan- Central Bank of the Rep. of China

Canada- Bank of Canada

Sweden- The Riksbank

Sri lanka- Central Bank of Sri Lanka

China- People’s Bank of China

Chile- Central Bank of Chile

Chad- Commercial Bank Chad

Cambodia-National Bank of Cambodia

Brazil- Central Bank of Brazil

Bolivia- Central Bank of Bolivia

Bhutan- Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

Bermuda- Bermuda Monetary Authority

Spain- European Central Bank

South korea- Bank of Korea

Slovenia- European Central Bank

Singapore- Monetary Authority of Singapore

Seychelles- Central Bank of Seychelles

Saudi arabia- Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority

Russia- Bank of Russia

Qatar- Qatar Central Bank

Philippines- BangkoSentral ng Pilipinas

Peru- Central Reserve Bank of Peru

Papua New Guinea- Bank of Papua New guinea

New zealand- Reserve Bank of NewZealand

Netherlands- European Central Bank

Myanmar- Central Bank of Myanmar

korea- REPUBLIC OFBank of Korea

Kenya- Central Bank of Kenya

Kazakhstan- National Bank of Kazakhstan

Jordan- Central Bank of Jordan

Japan- Bank of Japan

Italy- European Central Bank

Ireland- European Central Bank

Iraq- Central Bank of Iraq

Morocco- Bank of Morocco

Mongolia- Bank of Mongolia

Mexico- Bank of Mexico

Mauritius- Central Bank of Mauritius

Mali- Central Bank of West African States

Maldives- Maldives Monetary Authority

Malaysia – Bank Negara Malaysia

Libya – Cental Bank of Libya

Ghana- Bank of Ghana

Germany- European CentralBank

Georgia- National Bankof Georgia

France- European Central Bank

Finland- European Central Bank

Fiji- Reserve Bank of Fiji

Egypt- Central Bank of Egypt

Denmark- National Bank of Denmark

Cyprus- European Central Bank

Cuba- Central Bank of Cuba

Colombia- Central Bank of Colombia