Gujarat: Banas Dairy to install 50 MW solar plant to cut electricity cost of dairy by 25 per cent

  • Banas Dairy, the biggest milk cooperative in Asia, will soon generate its own electricity. The dairy located in North Gujarat will install a 50 Megawatt (MW) solar plant that will help cut electricity cost of the dairy by 25 per cent, said Shankar Chaudhary, chairman of Banas Dairy, Wednesday.
  • “Banas dairy plans to set a separate cooperative body which can help produce electricity. Every year, Banas dairy and the village-level milk cooperatives need Rs 200 crore worth of electricity.
  • This is the farmers’ money that we end up paying as electricity bills to the power companies.
  • So we plan to bring together the local milk cooperatives in Banaskantha to create this new body,” Chaudhary, said while addressing the 53rd Annual General Meeting of the dairy.
  • “Banas Dairy will support this initiative in the first few years. The power used will be for captive purposes.This will save electricity costs by 20-25 per cent. This would probably be the first such initiative in the cooperative sector,” Chaudhary said adding that the Dairy will be able to save money from this initiative.

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