India jumps 2 spots to 46th rank in Global Innovation Index 2021

  • India has improved its position on the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2021 prepared by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). India has been ranked 46th this year, marking an improvement from last year when it occupied the 48th position.
  • The country has been constantly making progress on the innovation index from 2015 when it was ranked 81st on the list. In 2020, India entered the top 50 on the list.
  • “India (at 46) moves further ahead, by two spots (48 in GII 2020), after making it into the top 50 last year. It takes second place in the lower-middle-income group. India held the third position in its income group in 2019 and 2020, having entered the top three in 2019,” the GII report said.
  • The report indicates that India has been successfully developing technologically dynamic services which can be offered across the globe.
  • The report highlighted that the country leads the world in the information and communication technology services exports indicator. It also ranks well in other indicators such as domestic industry diversification (12) and graduates in science and engineering (12).
  • Soon after the rankings, the Centre said in an official statement the gradual improvement in the GII ranking is due to knowledge capital, a vibrant start-up ecosystem and work done by public and private research organisations.
  • The GII report has been published by WIPO in collaboration with the Portulans Institute with support from corporate network partners such as the Confederation of Indian Industry, Brazilian National Confederation of Industry, Ecopetrol Group from Columbia and the Turkish Exporters Assembly.
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