State Emergency

State Emergency – Article 356

  • This can be declared under Article 356, if the government collapses in a state and is seen as a ‘failure of constitutional machinery’ in that particular state. It is also known as ‘President’s Rule’ and almost every state in the country has gone through this procedure. It can be invoked for a period of six months and can last only for three years with parliamentary consent required every six months. The Governor usually administers the services in the name of the President.
  • President’s Rule was imposed on twelve provinces of the country in the last two decades.Chhattisgarh and Telangana are the only states where President’s rule hasn’t been imposed so far. But Telangana fell under the ambit of Article 356 when it was part of state of Andhra Pradesh, following the resignation of Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh.
  • It Was Implemented Four times in Tamil Nadu.
State Date of imposition Date of revocation Duration Notes
Tamil Nadu 31 January 1976 30 June 1977 1 year, 150 days Government dismissed in spite of Karunanidhi enjoying majority support in Assembly
Tamil Nadu 17 February 1980 6 June 1980 110 days Government dismissed in spite of M G Ramachandran enjoying majority support in Assembly
Tamil Nadu 30 January 1988 27 January 1989 363 days Government dismissed after controversial confidence vote secured in the Assembly by CM Janaki Ramachandran
Tamil Nadu 30 January 1991 24 June 1991 145 days Government headed by M. Karunanidhi dismissed by Prime Minister Chandrashekhar on charges of supporting anti-national activities, in spite of the then Governor Barnala’s report and enjoying majority support in the Assembly.