A waterfall is a place where water flows over a vertical drop or a series of steep drops in the course of a stream or river. Waterfalls also occur where meltwater drops over the edge of a tabular iceberg or ice shelf. Here we are providing a list of waterfalls.

What are the Types of Waterfalls?

  • Cataract: A large, powerful waterfall.
  • Horsetail: Descending water maintains some contact with bedrock.
  • Plunge: Water descends vertically, losing contact with the bedrock surface.
  • Block: Water descends from a relatively wide stream or river.
  • Multi-step: A series of waterfalls one after another of roughly the same size each with its own sunken plunge pool.
  • Segmented: Distinctly separate flows of water form as it descends.
  • Cascade: Water descends a series of rock steps.
  • Punchbowl: Water descends in a constricted form and then spreads out in a wider pool.
  • Tiered: Water drops in a series of distinct steps or falls.
  • Fan: Water spreads horizontally as it descends while remaining in contact with bedrock.

Famous Waterfalls in the World

Given below are some of the famous waterfalls in the world.

  • Iguazu Falls – forms a border between Argentina and brazil. It is the largest waterfall system in the world.
  • Niagara Falls – share the international border of Canada and the United States and lie in the states of new york and province of Ontario. It is a collective name of three waterfalls.
  • Victoria Falls – One of the Seven natural wonders of the world by CNN. It is in South Africa on the Zambezi river and shares the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia.
  • Kaieteur Falls – is in Guyana. It is twice as high as Victoria Falls and 5 times higher than Niagara Falls.
  • Angel Falls – are the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfalls.

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